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Performance marketing is a strategic combination of digital marketing and advertisement tactics where payment is done only when a lead is generated.

Performance Marketing Trends Which WILL Define the Advertising Success in 2021

Performance marketing is a strategic combination of digital marketing and advertisement tactics where payment is done only when a lead is generated. The client/ brands pay only if there is an acquisition of a new customer or a possible conversion lead or a sale by a Performance Marketing Agency in Dubai.

The performance marketing team in any agency or media buyers or any other company uses various marketing channels for paid marketing. This marketing strategy is for customer engagement by reaching the correct audience with in the website and ask for the COHERT ID you can target customer at your website.

A few of these channels of Performance marketing in Dubai agency are:

  • Affiliate Marketing — Affiliate marketing means brand affiliation and marketing of its products. This strategy has evolved with a new and performance-based strategy that has achieved the desired results. The results like more customer reach, high ROI, more conversions, sales, etc. Marketing through Influencers or Email or SEM or etc. is processed where possible sales are exchanged for payments on a commission basis.
  • Local Advertising — Local advertising offers quality content and distribute it smartly to the right marketing team. This generates click-through opportunities with the target market. With this, one can expect 10x more clicks than other forms of online advertising. A pre-defined goal helps in choosing the right content for the advertisement. A launch is planned subsequently by analyzing the entire data and reviewing the whole campaign beforehand to achieve the goal. Sponsored advertising is also part of the process to increase conversions.
  • Social Media Advertising — The most popular form of marketing in present days. Every brand is on social media platform to advertise their brand and increase traffic. It is the need of the hour. The more engaging the content is the more leads are generated. Social media advertising is done through engaging with the right audience, search engine marketing with the use of the right keywords in an organic way. The reach of social media marketing is huge. If the timing is right, then it will give a lot of exposure to the brand.
  • And Some of the other aspects of performance marketing are SEM — Pay per click for Google and Social Media Channels.
  • SEO: On page and off page
  • Programmatic Buying: Targeting niche websites through:
    • Taboola, Double Click by Google, etc., are some platforms targeting niche sites.

The success of marketing depends on the performance of the marketing plan. Various advertising platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Google etc. These channels show a variety of relevant ads based on your search or products viewed, news channel visited, last week purchases and cookies collected from their last one-week visit on Google Chrome. There are many factors that the platform choose to decide which content will be displayed and when. The decision is critical, as the timing of content that needs to be advertised should be right. The decision is taken on the basis of –

Identifying the Target Audience — Every platform has:

  1. Its own kind of audience — So one has to identify them and post ads accordingly.
  2. Programmatic Advertisements — Advertisers has to bid to show their ads for the given slot on the online platform. The highest bidder gets to run their ads to their chosen audience. This paid service increase sales of the product.
  3. Rating Matter — The ad has to be successful within the audience to boost sales. If the quality of the ad is not good, that means it is not liked by the customer. This results in poor performance and less exposure.
  4. Positive Conversion — When an advertiser opts for the paid marketing service, they look for maximum conversions. These conversions are by click on the link or viewing an ad or the web page or any other action which will result in a sale. This is what Performance marketing is all about. Failing to get any conversions from the ad will result in no payment to the network from the client.

So, the bid, quality of an ad, its relevance, and desired results matter a lot in Performance Marketing. Generally, advertising platforms charge fees keeping all these factors in mind.

Tactics of Performance Marketing is based on Marketing Automation with holistic approach online.

  • In simple terms, Performance marketing means market automation based entirely on the performance of the brand including Social messages, Dynamic content, mail automation, Search Marketing, landing pages, Content on website, Content on ads, Consistency in every marketing material to recognize the brand as unique and unmatched. To achieve the campaign performance, commonly used tactics are:
    1. Cost per Click (CPC) — The bidder pays to the network only the ad gets some clicked.
    2. Cost Per Leads (CPL) — Payment is made only for the generated leads because of the advertisement.
    3. Cost Per Sale / Acquisition (CPS / CPA) — Advertiser pays to the network only after a new customer is acquired and/or a sale happened.
    4. Cost Per Impression (CPM) — The marketing agency receives payment if the ad has been published one thousand times per ad.

Options must be evaluated based on the goals of the advertisement. The ultimate goal should be to achieve maximum performance. The cost should be calculated and set for the paid marketing.

Performance Marketing in 2021 is a great strategy for the brands. The campaign should be well planned to measure the result and achieve them quickly with higher ROI. Optimizing the right platform with a focus on goals will always give success.

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