About Us

We created TDA to fulfill the needs of companies and digital service providers around the world, offering:

  • A marketplace through which business leaders can find, hire and manage service providers to accomplish their digital goals.
  • An unbiased platform for the world’s top digital service providers to showcase their expertise and products in a transparent and meaningful way.
  • An extensive resource for information and learning with in-depth coverage of key business topics and the latest digital trends.

Since 2018, we have worked continuously to turn an idea into a thriving business. Major milestones in our journey include:

  • Spark.me startup competition winners

  • TDA runs a record breaking crowd-funding campaign on Funderbeam

  • Named as one of the top 50 start-ups at Startup Grind

  • The first investment for VC fund, Fil Rouge Capital

  • CEO, Goran Deak, nominated as a finalist for the “Founder of the Year” in the Global Startup Awards

  • The first B2B marketplace to be welcomed into CMS equIP, a dedicated accelerator scheme for startups.

  • Named as one of the top 50 start-ups at Startup Grind, second year running

What TDA Offers Service Providers

What TDA Offers Clients

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