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Good Kids was thrilled when H&M approached us with a challenge: to create an XM pop-up promoting their new Spring/Summer 2023 collection, Isla Hennes.

At Good Kids, we believe that marketing isn’t just about selling products, it’s about creating experiences that engage and delight customers. That’s why we were thrilled when H&M Canada approached us with a challenge: to create an experiential pop-up in their flagship Eaton Center location promoting their new Spring/Summer 2023 collection, Isla Hennes.

They wanted to bring the island to life in-store for their customers, and we were up for the challenge. Our team quickly got to work on creating an unforgettable experience.

Our objective was simple: surprise and delight customers shopping in the store while providing key information about the new collection. To achieve this, we employed a variety of strategies and tactics designed to engage customers and immerse them in the world of Isla Hennes.

Building Up to the Event

We knew that the lead-up was just as important as the activation itself. To generate hype and increase awareness about the event, our team outfitted each entrance to the store with promotional material on their security gates and placed sandwich board posters throughout the store detailing the event to come. In addition, an email campaign was sent to H&M’s database of customers in the Greater Toronto Area, geotargeting the location with information about the new collection.

Capturing the Moment

Our photo booth was the centerpiece of the experience where customers and shoppers were transported to Isla Hennes. Individuals & groups were able to get their picture taken in Isla Hennes and receive both a digital and printout version of the image.

We utilized a Touch Screen Selfie Mirror from our partners at Myselfiemirror.ca, which allowed customers to take control of their experience and choose from a variety of backdrops featuring key images from the campaign. The booth was created using recycled materials to keep in line with H&M’s eco-conscious mission and featured key images from their campaign along with QR codes to drive to both the collection page and the loyalty sign-up.

Brand ambassadors were dressed in key pieces from the collection and given talking points to discuss with shoppers, prompting them to purchase or take part in the activation.

Bringing the Island to Life

But we didn’t stop there. To create a seamless transition from print to physical product, we developed a concept that involved free-standing, eco-conscious foam-free designs that would be repurposed throughout the store after the activation.

Using a mix of dried, fresh, and silk botanicals, we identified native flora from the actual island where the Isla Hennes spring campaign was shot.

With the help of our partners’ background in horticulture and landscaping, we created something both realistic and relevant to H&M’s campaign while keeping sustainability and green values in mind.

Adding an Extra Layer of Excitement

As an additional incentive for customers to sign up or become loyalty members, those who did would receive a free Isla Hennes tote bag.

Gift cards of various increments were randomly inserted into the bags, adding another layer of surprise and gratitude for those who participated.

Making Waves in Retail

The results were impressive & the activation was a HUGE success. Good Kids received an overflow of positive feedback from customers and staff alike. Throughout the Easter weekend, we accumulated a total of nearly 20K impressions, 991 engagements, and 495 sessions.

The Isla Hennes decor was repurposed by the H&M team and added throughout the store, furthering their message of sustainability.

At Good Kids, we love bringing creativity and strategy together to create unforgettable experiences. We were thrilled to partner with H&M Canada for their Isla Hennes campaign, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for retail activations.