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HookSounds is a collection of music that is copyright free and you can download and use for various purposes.


Exclusive and curated royalty free music, produced by our hand-picked artists. Music on HookSounds is released free of copyrights under Creative Commons, you may download and use it in a wide variety of uses.

Key Features:

  • A list of music and songs that can be purchased by the customer
  • Different Packages and plans with subscription for audio songs and music
  • Update the permission of usage based on subscription on youtube and other platforms.
  • Get monetization benefits on popular social media platform
  • Cancellation and appropriate changes on Youtube and other platforms based on the change in subscription plan on the website.


  • Implement thee subscription on the website with the help of easy digital downloads
  • Track the entire browsing history of the user along with that of order submission for the music track
  • Update the permission on youtube to whitelist a channel for usage of copyrighted music based on role changes on the website
  • User friendly website with Mobile responsive


  • We analysed the requirement and technical incapability of client ideas.
  • We collect some content from the client to feed in the website.
  • Provide the best solution with solving current solution problems and issues.
  • Also we created subscription functionality into the website and allowed different roles based on selected plan.
  • Each menu option and its appropriate category and content was highlighted and presented well by our technical team.
  • Also give ideas to generate more clients and business through facilities like quotation, online provide, Bonus, Referral benefits.


  • Implement a Simple and user friendly website layout
  • Allow user to Download the music tracks purchased
  • Site took lot of time to load
  • User need to manually change the whitelist to youtube


  • Simplified the process for the user and admin by providing better UX
  • We Implemented functionality such that user can download the music once it is purchased from platform
  • We implemented the optimization techniques both at frontend as well as at database level and improved the performance of the website.
  • Implemented the whitelisting of Youtube channel using Youtube API