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Zoom Digital helps to have a bespoke website that portrays Zoom Property as a professional, credible, and trustworthy Property Portal.


Zoom Property is the newest and most advanced property portal in the UAE. Their main objective is to make it easier for buyers and tenants to connect with property agents to find their perfect property in UAE with ease.


Zoom Property had previously depended on traditional technology for its structure, employing Laravel code written in a single language. As a consequence, their website development fell short, leaving them with a site that was difficult to maintain and personalize, as well as a digital platform for property listings that was out of date. With all of these issues, Zoom Property realized they needed a website to assist them in marketing the revamped structure, meet their sales goals, and improve the company image.

The optimization of the zoom attribute was regarded as one of the hard-wired jobs to be completed; it had to be done manually, page by page, which resulted in a highly sluggish and ineffective technique. Because there is no system that permits the XML feed to update automatically, it generally takes 10 days to update.

Our Solution

Our team focused on site structure, content, and user interface components to enhance lead generation and search engine optimization after learning about their website issues and goals. A customized dashboard allowing real estate brokers to manage their listings, including automatic warnings through the use of very specialized application files. To complement the client’s structure and understanding, we employed the following technologies.

AWS for:

  • EC2
  • S3
  • DynamoDB
  • RDS
  • Elastic Search & Beanstalk

PHP for:

  • Laravel
  • Laravel API

Together, we delivered a website that portrays Zoom Property as a professional, credible, and trustworthy Property Portal.

Our Work/Approach


During the design process, we took the approach of creating a fully functional, but simple, website that caters to each of its visitors while being engaged to demonstrate fully functional and geared up with the latest versions of mechanics while simply and directly presenting the visitor with what they’re searching for.

We easily integrated the client’s strong brand identification into their online presence. We aimed to replace the formerly out-of-date site with a clean, contemporary, and minimalistic appearance for a fresh and engaging appeal.

Development Modules

Our development team used best practices for developing the site on a custom code responsive framework. The product structure was unique from a typical property portal site, which introduced a fun challenge to the architecture.

Mobile Application

To facilitate the user experience, we developed a mobile application responsive to iOS and Android. Using Android Studio as IDE & Java language as a programming language. For iOS Project created on latest Xcode and swift 5 with all the latest third-party libraries.

Bespoke Dashboard

We developed a custom dashboard integrated with the site and automated XML feed and meta automatically. Which was also integrated for their partners/real estate brokers. Partner real estate companies can update and manage their listings by using unique login details designated to them

Ad Butler

We integrated the website with Ad Butler to Self-managed ads serving platform that helps to quickly and easily manage online ad campaigns. Serve and track your direct-sale and third-party ad sources from one place.

Pooling Application

It automatically refreshes the data from the real estate partners regarding their listings update and, it does refresh it on our dashboard to facilitate them while reducing hustling.