What we look for

Content that offers value to the reader

  • If you are writing on a well-known topic, try to offer an original take and enhance a reader’s understanding further.

Well-written & visually appealing content

  • Give your article a clear structure – include subheadings, bulleted lists, blockquotes, etc where appropriate.
  • Back up your arguments with research/data and hyperlink the original source. Note that data should be no more than 2 years old.
  • Ensure your writing doesn’t contain spelling and/or grammar errors. We will correct one-off errors but we will not edit your whole article.
  • Include imagery where appropriate.

What we won’t publish

Link-building content

  • Articles with a disproportionate number of backlinks to your own site or an overfocus on self-promotion that detracts from the topic of the article.

Clipped articles

  • Articles that are shortened in order to drive readers to continue reading on another site.
  • Articles that end abruptly, without a clear conclusion.

Content that doesn’t make sense!

  • Due, for example, to language barriers. In these cases, we will assess the writing on an article-to-article basis. The agency will be contacted via email by our editor.

Best practice

  • Create a headline & lead for your article that immediately engages your target audience.
  • Include the link to the original source at the end of the article if you are submitting duplicate content so that we can include a canonical link.
  • Clear all formatting when copying an existing post from your site into the TDA content publishing system. Reformat with H2 and H3 headers, bold text, bullet points, etc.
  • Include images in jpeg format in a zip file (when prompted). Images copied directly into the content field from your own site will not be visible to us when you submit your work.
  • Ensure that featured images are at a 1.91:1 ratio, e.g. 1200 x 628 px to display correctly in the content archive. Articles without a featured image will not be published.

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