Custom CRM System for a Real Estate Agency

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An outline of how EVOCODE developed a customized CRM system for a leading real estate agency

VYM Canarias had to defend its leading position in the real estate market in Tenerife and the process required digital transformation. We were happy to assist and delivered the required software.

Client Profile

VYM Canarias, a prominent real estate agency located on the picturesque south coast of Tenerife, has been serving clients since 2010. Their expertise encompasses the sale of diverse real estate offerings, ranging from apartments, townhouses, villas, and land plots to office and retail spaces.

The Challenge

As the leading real estate agency in Tenerife, VYM Canarias faced the imperative need for digital transformation. They sought to efficiently manage their burgeoning database of buyers, property owners, and an extensive inventory of over 700 properties and businesses available for sale and rent on the island.

Their challenge was two-fold: First, they required a system capable of automating property listings on multiple websites and global real estate portals. Second, they needed a robust reporting mechanism customized to their unique workflow.

Furthermore, VYM Canarias recognized the necessity for a modern, mobile-friendly website that would not only be optimized for search engines but also seamlessly integrated with their CRM system. All of this had to be achieved within a tight timeframe to prepare for the upcoming real estate season. It was time to embrace digitalization.

The Solution

VYM Canarias partnered with EVOCODE, a team that not only comprehended their business but was also equipped to deliver within the demanding timeline.

Understanding the urgency, we embarked on a comprehensive client interview process, advising and collaborating every step of the way to ensure that the system would be user-friendly without compromising on features.

Upon gaining a full understanding of the client’s workflow, EVOCODE crafted a technical specification and an interactive mockup of the forthcoming CRM system and websites. This mockup provided a hands-on experience, allowing the client to simulate interactions with the system, facilitate discussions among various departments, fine-tune workflows, and align development objectives.

Our end-to-end solution encompassed services ranging from business analysis, product design, user experience and user interface design, to software architecture, full-stack software development, quality assurance, IT consulting, and ongoing support.

The Results

The EVOCODE team successfully delivered the entire solution, meeting the challenging deadline and exceeding the client’s requirements. VYM Canarias seamlessly migrated their existing database of properties and clients to the new system and effectively published listings on the new website and real estate portals, ensuring they were fully prepared for the real estate season.

The new website’s refreshed appearance boosted VYM Canarias’s brand recognition, while the improved user experience made property search and booking showings a breeze for visitors.

Satisfied with our service, VYM Canarias continued its collaboration with our team to further enhance the system’s capabilities. EVOCODE also committed to an exclusive partnership with VYM Canarias in the Tenerife real estate market, safeguarding their client’s interests.